Mittwoch, 4. September 2013

Fortschritt: Kreis im Quadrat 5

I am sorry it was quiet around here - I have been so busy working on the calender, I had no time to sew. Now I have squeezed in a bit last weekend and I wanted to share.

I did a lot of thinking how to finish my sometimes a bit wonky curves into a top with god points. I decided to go with the vlies background used for watercolor quilts again - I loved it so much last time. I hoped it would work as well with the extra intersections from the curves. Yes it means cheating a bit - but I don't mind I just want to like the result :)

So I stood some hours in my kitchen to cut all my blocks to a new size. Making sure the inner quarter-circle always measured 3 inch at the outside sides of the block. The whole block was then cut to 4 inch. I placed them on the vlies, taking care to make a real circle at the quarter-matching-points and sewed a test row. It worked! So I added some more rows which is what you see here. 

I find it funny how the circles formed into ellipses for the time being, because just one direction has been sewed yet :)

Ich überlege, ob es für meine deutschen Leser ok ist, dass die Patchwork-Beiträge zukünftig "nur" noch in englisch geschrieben sind. Da wir vermutlich alle immer mal wieder auf englischen Blogs vorbeischauen bzw. uns englischer Anleitungen bedienen - reicht hoffentlich die Kenntnis zumindest zum Verstehen aus.

Ich will aber auch niemanden ausgrenzen, der es gerne auf deutsch lesen würde. Hinterlasse doch einfach Eure Gedanken dazu in den Kommentaren.


  1. What a very pretty WIP! That was a lot of work, but it looks like it was worth it!

  2. It's looking great. You must need a lot of patience to make a quilt like this one. Keep up the good work.

    1. Patcience - normally I can't even spell it ;)

      Because I am not very patient, I am using the vlies. It is a lot of more work in terms of ironing/ pressing but it is easier to sew and to be happy with the result.

    2. I already heard the progess when we met last time,
      but reading it here in english it's more fascinating!
      Your work is looking great! I'm excited to see the result :-)

    3. I'll show it to you, of course !
      I am excited as well ;))

  3. An ipad sleeve is a great idea! I love the colors.